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Natural Food Colours


Natural Colour Extracts Without "E" No's. Also Available. Inc: Hibiscus, Carthamus, Red Grape, Red Beet, Black Carrot, Caramel etc.

E.E.C Number
Duranat Curcumin - E 100
Duranat Carmine - E120
Duranat Chlorophyll CU - E141
Duranat Caramel - E150
Duranat Vegetable Carbon Black - E153
Duranat Beta-Carotene - E160a
Duranat Annatto - E160b
Duranat Paprika - E160c
Duranat Beetroot - E162
Duranat Anthocyanis - E163
Duranat Titanium Dioxide - E171
Duranat Food Grade Oxides - E172

Note: All the above permitted food colourants comply with the EC Directive 2008/128/EC, and FAO/WHO Food Drug and Nutrition paper 52/1 and 2.

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