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Dyes and Dyeing FAQs

Question: "I have a 3 piece leather suite with 2 recliners and a 2 seater sofa which is currently dyed a bright orangy terra cotta colour with a smooth shiny finish. I would like to change its colour by dyeing it. I assume that it would be safest to change to a similar colour such as mid-brown. Can it be done by me at home with a kit? Can you help please? Thanks!"

Answer: This sounds like a job for a furniture restorer or re-upholstered. We supply industrial dyes for dyeing leather and skins in industrial machines. Good luck in your search.

Question: "Can I say first that I am not a company, therefore you may not wish to reply - but I am desperately trying to get hold of a dye that will dye a 100% polyester garment black. Please could you advise of any company in the UK that sells such a dye as when I search on the internet I can only find scientific or Company only websites - I Am quite confused and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time."

Answer: "Sorry we only supply industrial dyes. Have you considered Dylon Dyes for home dyeing .They are available from good craft shops Woolworth's etc and can be used in a washing machine. Please also check out their web site at www.dylon.co.uk"

Question: "Please courier us your sample, technical data sheet of your Food Colours."

Answer: Thank you for your enquiry regarding food certified colours. Please let us know which particular food colours you wish to try and we will arrange the correct samples for you. Can you also give us some indication of the quantities you may wish to buy from us so that we can quote you our best prices

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