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Please note that the colours on this document are for demonstration purposes only as colours vary with individual monitors and therefore cannot be guaranteed as accurate.

Bright Synthetic Insoluble Lake Pigments for Food

DURALAKE: Bright Synthetic Alu. Insoluble Pigments

Application: For low moisture blends such as: custard powders/spice mixes/snack foods together with excellent coating properties for confectionery and food.

E.E.C NumberColour IndicatorFood Dye Code
Duralake Tartrazine - E102Duralake Tartrazine - E102Food Yellow 4 - 19140
Duralake Quinoline Yellow - E104Duralake Quinoline Yellow - E104Food Yellow 13 - 47005
Duralake Sunset Yellow - E110Duralake Sunset Yellow - E110Food Yellow 3 - 15985
Duralake Carmoisine - E122Duralake Carmoisine - E122Food Red 3 - 14720
Duralake Ponceau 4R - E124Duralake Ponceau 4R - E124Food Red 7 - 16255
Duralake Allura Red - E129Duralake Allura Red - E129Food Red 17 - 16035
Duralake Indigotine - E132Duralake Indigotine - E132Food Blue 1 - 73015
Duralake Brilliant Blue FCF - E133Duralake Brilliant Blue FCF - E133Food Blue 2 - 42090
Duralake Patent Blue V - E131Duralake Patent Blue V - E131Food Black 1
Duralake Brilliant Black PN - E151Duralake Brilliant Black PN - E151Food Black 1
Duralake Chocolate Brown HT - E155Duralake Chocolate Brown HT - E155Food Brown 3 - 20285

Note: All the above permitted food colourants comply with the EC Directive 2008/128/EC, and FAO/WHO Food Drug and Nutrition paper 52/1 and 2.

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All information is provided for guidance and in good faith but without guarantee. Suitability for application and end use requirements remain the users responsibility. Illustration of the product does not imply freedom from patent restrictions in any particular market.