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Please note that the colours on this document are for demonstration purposes only as colours vary with individual monitors and therefore cannot be guaranteed as accurate.

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Basic Dyes for Acrylic Substrates

Basic Dyes for Acrylic - Application of Acrylene Dyes

C.I. NumberColour IndicatorAcrylene Dye Name
Basic Yellow 13Brilliant Yellow 6G 300%Brilliant Yellow 6G 300%
Basic Yellow 28Golden Yellow GL 200%Golden Yellow GL 200%
Basic Yellow 29Yellow 2GLYellow 2GL
Basic Yellow 40Flavine 10GFF 300%Flavine 10GFF 300%
Basic Red 15Brilliant Red B 200%Brilliant Red B 200%
Basic Red 18:1Red G 200%Red G 200%
Basic Red 46Red GRL 200%Red GRL 200%
Basic Blue 3Blue 5G 200%Blue 5G 200%
Basic Blue 41Blue GRL 200%Blue GRL 200%
Basic Black MixBlack RM 200%Black RM 200%
Basic Black MixBlack FBL 300%Black FBL 300%

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